fids3 - the 3rd generation of fids
Fids3 is a state-of-the-art Flight Information Display System (FIDS) of the 3rd generation based on the latest software technology. It has been developed by German software engineers and is perfectly designed as all-in-one solution for all sizes of airports or as a browser based Intranet staff system and/or airline differentiated check-in counter (layout-)control system for existing system environments.

What is the 3rd generation of FIDS (Flight Information Display System) ? Use the link attached to the image above to get explanations
Fids3 System Overview (Features and Capabilities)
24/7 Fids3 LIVE Evaluation Server
German IT Innovation Award 2012
  Key facts of the advanced and future-proof technology of Fids3

  • No proprietary hardware needed (off-the-shelf equipment only, independency, cost-cutting)
  • Intuitive, simple-to-use browser-based client interface, no client software needed
  • Maintenance-free, very stable operation (performance certifications available)
  • Extremely fast operation (high-auto threading and caching, logical displays, multi-processor architecture support)
  • Integrated Digital Signage capabilities (Customizable videos/images playing lists)
  • Real-time flight data integration into airport's website
  • Mobile media support (e.g. iPad, iPhone, Android OS)
  • Full Internet/Intranet connectivity
  • Latest software technology only (Java, Javascript, HTML-5, CSS-3, JQuery)
  • All international character sets supported (e.g. Arabic, Hindi, Chinese)
  • Arabic Hijri date format support
  • Operator messages customizable in any local language/character set (e.g. Arabic, Chinese)
  • Unlimited scalability (monitors, browser clients etc.)
  • Advanced features (e.g. check-in counter handling with customizable airline-individual monitor layouts)
  • SMS and email flight tracking and notifications
  • Weather data access (METAR)
  • Code shared flight pools and rotation flight support
  • Integrated, browser-based Staff Portal
  • Free text and static pages, news ticker, alert messages
  • Comprehensive custom uploads (e.g. airline logos, weather icons, advertising playing lists)
  • Remote system interfacing (Public Announcement, SITA, CUPPS, AODB, AFTN)
  • Foreign manufactured display controllers supported (e.g. Split-flap, LED, LCD)
  • World's only 24/7 FIDS evaluation LIVE server
Anytime in the future every FIDS will be designed like this one.
  What can I fids3 use for ?

Fids3 is an universal, web-based intranet/internet communication platform for actual flight handling on your airport. It additionally can act as full-featured FIDS (Flight Information Display System) as well. Unlimited browser-based clients can be added. All clients can read and/or manipulate flight data (authentication/authorization structure is provided) from everywhere in the net. System usage variations listed below.

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  • Web-based communication platform
  • Classic intranet FIDS with monitors, LCD boards etc.
  • Browser based staff system
  • Web server system for representative internet appearance and flight tracking
  • Client (internal/external) notification platform for flight updates
  • All-in-one standalone system

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If you want to use fids3 as staff-, mobile proxy-, webserver- or subsystem to control any portion of peripheral devices, a software module for data synchronization with the existing (master) fids and fids3 is the only thing you have to add.

Fids3 provides a wide range of client notification interfaces as well. This feature is an easy way to notify external clients (e.g. car rentals, hotel lobbies, cargo/catering facilities,,,) using standard communication structures (SMS, Email, HTTP, FTP, TCP Sockets). Every client registered then get notified (event driven) about topical flight updates.
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